Special Offers for Students and Graduates

Senior Discount

First responder


Robert Greene Memorial Scholarship Grant

In remembrance of Bob's 21 years with IFREC, a bi-annual new student scholarship has been established in his name. Twice annually, a promising student will be awarded up to $1,000 in grants to complete pre and post license education. Brokers are invited to sponsor one or more deserving persons to be considered for these awards and individuals may also apply. For additional details, or questions, email IFRECdirector @aol.com.


50% Semi-Annual Specials

Twice annually, generally in the spring and year end holidays seasons, IFREC advertises a special offering of up to 50% off course tuitions on classes valued over $100. If you would like to be included in the mailings about these specials for your self or as a gift, plan ahead and contact our office to be added to the mailing list.


Special offers and discounts DO NOT apply to online or correspondence courses. Classes must be valued at over $100. Specific refund and transfer policies will apply.